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This educational web site is devoted to helping elementary and high school students run outstanding science projects and to helping adults find the science information they need for business, farming, gardening, food safety and preparation, science teaching, recreation, conservation, environmental protection, German, and Eddleman geneology. We welcome links from your pages to our pages.

This kitten strayed into our lab off the Information Superhighway.

Small Fruit Production
Plant Breeding and micropropagation of virus-free sweetpotato and small fruit crops:
Strawberries - Raspberries - Blackberries - Grape - Jostaberry-Sweetpotato
Science and Projects for Students and Amateur Scientists
Projects with bacteria, bacteriophages, fungi, yeasts, chemistry, insects, genetics, and more.
Science Projects for Preschool and Elementary Childern
Introductory projects for parent and child working together or highschool students working alone.
Science Equipment and Supplies | Lab Safety
Indiana Biolab offers high quality cultures and supplies to schools, industry, farmers, and students.
Birds | Giant Pumpkins: | Viruses |
PenPals: Kids K-12 | Adults | Teachers
Send an e-mail to add your name to these pages. Foreign students especially welcome.
Mail Lists Sponsored by Eddleman Institute
Join free lists for K-12 students and amateurs and get help from expertsand science projects.
Learn to Read German via the Internet
The members of GermanList are writing this site to help preschool to adults learn German.
The Eddleman Institute
This on-line institute offers a quality introduction to the life sciences for students of all ages.
Fish Farming and Aquaculture
Aqua farming may be a viable new industry for our region and yours.
Computer Science and Writing Web Pages
Students can learn a lot from old computers and anyone can write his own website.
Southern Indiana E-mail Directory
Please enter your e-address and URL
Our Community
Palmyra and its environs offer caves, hill country, lakes and streams, hardwood forests, and parks.
Farms Around the World
These 80 family farms in 40 states and countries give you the feeling of being there.
The Eddleman Geneology Library
Traces Immigrant Edelmann Families from 1400 in Europe and migrations within the USA
The Haub Geneology Library
Traces Immigrant Haub from 1840 in German and migrations within the USA.
The Internet Traffic Report | World Web Access Report
Hourly report covers all routers of the world: 100 is best it can be; 0 = clogged can't get any worse

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