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Welcome to my Web site !

Please bear with me, as I'm new to web publishing, and this is a work in progress.

Howdy...my name is Wyatt Burke. (no Wyatt Earp jokes please...)

These pages are devoted to me and my Time Magnets - my 2 Toyota trucks !

 UPDATED !! (8/1/01)

Superlift 5" IFS lift installed w/ Rockstomper travel kit on 89 (pics soon)

Superlift 5" rear springs installed w/ Budbuilt shock relocation kit on 89 (pics soon)

TRD Transmission cooler added to the 96 (pics soon)

TRD new generation S/C belt tensioner installed on 96 (pics soon)


Bought a 1st gen!  89 SR5 V6 fully loaded low miles.  I pick it up Friday 4/13.

run6.jpg (128329 bytes)

The pickup has been sold.

Just added a TRD supercharger !!!  A writeup will follow soon.  I'm also installing a TRD trans cooler, TRD Brake pads, Split Second ESC1, SS TMC1.1, SS ARM1, and Magnecor plug wires.

aftersc1.jpg (55315 bytes)

On the 96 LTD, replaced the RF tweeters in front (after they blew) w/ sweet Polk DX units and crossovers
I dremeled out the factory pods and backmounted them...

I've installed Edelbrock Headers in the 96 LTD.  Read about the install here...

I've installed seat heaters in the 96 LTD.  Read about the install here...

I've just completed a lift and addition of 285/75/16 (33") tires to my 4Runner !!
Go to the 4Runner link at the top for details of the installation.  Many before and after pictures yet to come!!  Here's an advance picture after the tires were installed.  The 4Runner now sits higher than the truck!
3sized.jpg (73361 bytes)

I've just added a project '89 SR5 V6 and I'll eventually do a SAS (straight axle swap).  I wanna solid axle, and I wanna removable top, and I wanna have 35's, and I wanna, and I wanna, wanna, wanna!  It will never stop....


I also follow Nascar racing.  Go fast -turn left- If something gets in your way, "loosen it up" (ie, HIT IT)
RIM00026.JPG (319488 bytes)I'm fortunate enough to have the acquaintances to receive full credentials to a few races a year.  It really is an experience.  It's loud.  It's dirty.  It's hot.  It's a blast!
There are so many things you see and hear that the TV cameras don't show - and can't - unless it were R rated.  I've got a few photo galleries from Nascar trips.35MM48.JPG (686562 bytes)


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